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I believe we are called VETERAN TRAINERS, THANK YOU


An identification chart of 42 North American butterflies.
By artist Eleanor Lutz. You can find the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here.


An identification chart of 42 North American butterflies.

By artist Eleanor Lutz. You can find the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here.


its 2am and im trying so hard not to laugh


For senpai!


For senpai!






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UPDATE: I was hospitalized and I’m still sick, but I’m getting better by the day. I’ll be back soon enough! Keep with the well wishes and keep me in your thoughts. Looks like I will be defeating this illness soon enough!

And now this (amazing how much energy you can get from trying to eat dinner and how a stranger can just let you use their computer for this length of time).


Hello, I’m popping up here not to make things worse. I will admit I wasn’t happy that knowing that anon was you and seeing that you are disappointed with me. 
Look, I don’t know how everyone works. I’ve been alone for 7 years so I don’t know too much about people. Now I am trying hard to understand but I still don’t get the way people think.
I am sorry to say but your anon message got me at a very horrible time. After a while I had been getting messages about what I should and should not blog. I do my best to please everyone but it seems it never satisfy. The more the messages come telling what not to do the more angrier and frustrated I get. Also I had been going through a lot lately, stressing out about driving, missing my friends in SVA, missing my boyfriend, and dealing with extreme loneliness. Now I’m not saying you should had know. I don’t expect you to be a mindreader. But if I sounded like an asshole I am deeply sorry. But at the same time I was really tired of these messages. 
Now another thing, I know you don’t want to hear it but I go through grief of someone’s death differently. I do feel sad and depressed but that spam I did was mostly for me. My way of to cheer myself up is to remember the great memories of what they have done. Heck, listing to Robin singing put a huge smile on my face for it was the song I would always hear when I was little. So, again, my way going through this is different to others.
So sorry again, but the thing I really don’t understand is just closing a window to avoid triggers. Then again I think a tad differently then other people. I follow a few blogs that at times do post something that might trigger my fear or make me want to barf. Instead of messaging them I close the window, go on another site and looks at something different. I only do that if something temporary is happening. Another example is a good friend of mine post dead things and spider (my major fears) but do I unfollow, no. I know it’s going to happen for a hour or even a day then everything would go back to normal. Just close the Tumblr window, and draw while listening to music and have a nice cup of tea. That’s what I would do. But, again, I don’t understand everyone’s way of thinking. 
I’m sorry you are going through a lot and I do pray hard for you to get well. Would I unfollow you because of this? Pardon my french but fuck no. I like your art, your project, your posts, and the stuff you reblog. I’m not gonna unfollow you because of this. Again, I really like your stuff. 
If you are still angry at me, then please go ahead and hate me for this. But I still have some respect of your work. And I will continue to pray and wish for your health and life.

Thank you,
Bennett’ Joy Flores

— kibadoglover45
You’re a good kid, Bennett. A little misguided, yes, but at times we all are. Just know I meant no ill will towards you. I just saw so much sadness this Monday I couldn’t bear it anymore. Today was not much better, but you coming to me like this makes me feel better. I’m glad the Robin thing made you smile. I understand where you are coming from and I hope that you see where I am too. I sent it as an Anon so as not to alarm you that it was I who sent it. Like I said, its hard sometimes to say something directly to a friend. I would never use Anon to send hate or anger, especially towards you. Even your angry little friend saw I didn’t insult you in my messages. I honestly did not mean harm. In time, things can mend, but for now I have other things to focus on. I’m make it a point to get better so we can fix things up. There is always time for that as well as for apologies and getting back to knowing each other again. Sorry if I caused you any pain from not being able to have you over for Thanksgiving. Things were hairy back then and I hope you understand. One last bit of advice for you, mind your friends. Some of the ones you keep happen to be toxic. As I learned from a friend of mine recently, it pays not to keep such people in our lives. Do what you will with friends, but I warn you to be careful. This here, I’m posting is to show the world that you are a good person Kiba, even if you do keep less than desirable company. Do take care and I personally am sorry if I made things worse for you. Its a hard time for us all. I might follow you again, but for now let it rest. The disappointment I felt for you initially has been dissolved.
Thank you for the prayers,
Janice Ghost Hunter

Today just isn’t my day. I’m going for rest now. I know there are people out there that would be happy to think I’m upset, but I’m not really. It just took more energy to type more and I simply don’t have enough to keep this up. I wish the two who hate me so right now the best of luck in life and I hope they find sense in their chaotic world. That’s obviously what it is. Now, I give the computer lent to me kindly back to the lady next to me so she can use it. 

This, I just got:
Wait a second, hold the phone.


You are disappointed at us? We did nothing to you. It is not our fault that your life is shit right now, it is not our fault that you have this fever. And how were we - especially I - supposed to know that that was YOU!? Can you blame me for completely being on Bennett’s side here!? Why did you even go on anon? She has long gotten over that whole feeling guilty because she thought she killed that stupid AU and you not talking to her that much. Also, she is not THAT vulnerable to people telling her to stop doing things, especially friends. But going on anon? In this case, it may not be cowardly, but it’s pointless. There was no reason for that. And from what she said, it wasn’t like you were insulting her or anything. So, why?

I used to like you a whole fucking lot, man. I used to want to RP with you so bad. But now I am so very angry at you, I’d love to punch you in the face. You’re disappointed in us!? What the fuck did we do? Can you blame me for going off on you BECAUSE I DIDN’T FUCKING KNOW IT WAS YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE? We did NOTHING to you. 

I already started disliking you when Bennett told me about the Thanksgiving incident - which you probably don’t even remember. Some “friend” you are. She was looking up to you. Now she is disappointed and probably angrier than me. But you know what? She doesn’t need you anymore. She has real friends now. Two great people she met at college and, of course, me.

And again, why exactly are you disappointed in us? We did jackshit to you. Just like you did jackshit for us. Especially for me. That drawing that I have been waiting for for a year now? I don’t even want it anymore. Thinking about you now makes me sick to the bone. You have no right to be disappointed in me or Bennett. But WE have a right to be disappointed in YOU.

I didn’t think I’d ever go off on you like this, especially considering your life is shit and you’re ill right now - but I don’t care anymore. Just like I don’t give a shit about this Robin Williams dying. 

You are probably not going to give me an answer on why you would go on anon for that, but I shouldn’t expect anything else from someone as pointlessly spineless as you.

— nightmareofalbanusstreet
Here is my answer: Grow Up. I do remember the Thanksgiving incident, and I was willing to house her in my own home for a time.  There are many people who know I was going to do this. Things went south and I simply couldn’t have the offer anymore. I myself didn’t even have a Thanksgiving for myself. With how touchy and emotional you are, is it any wonder why I stopped talking to you two? No advice I gave to you nor Kiba was taken at all. There was nothing I could do about it. Well, there is now. I’m showing the rest of the world what kind of person you are.
— Janice Ghost Hunter
(Added later) The reason why I went on Anon was because I sort of knew I would get this reaction from one or both of you. Sometimes its easier to type in Anon. Anon should not be used for hate or insults. They should not even exist.
"I promise you, my dear, that I did feel the ball when it pierced my chest. I assure you that it hurt." 

"I promise you, my dear, that I did feel the ball when it pierced my chest. I assure you that it hurt."